Meteoroids 3D Manual

Hello and welcome to Meteoroids 3D, the game that makes a tribute to the marvellous Asteroids, the game I loved when I was a child. Now this is a very different game, but with the same basic idea: destroy as many meteors as you can.

Playing the game is very easy: you have 24 levels plus an infinite level, and you must destroy as many meteors as you can while trying to survive. You have different weapons that will be activated one by one when you increase your level, and you’ll have to face some enemies, including the classic UFO, but not only the UFO but other dangerous risks.

Meteoroids 3D is compatible with MFI, Xbox One, and PS4 pads with Bluetooth.

You can control the ship in first view or third view, and you can play the game with the included virtual touch controls or, even better, with a pad (Xbox One or PS4). We recommend a pad for the best experience. When playing with a pad the touch controls will disappear. Be sure to activate your bluetooth pad first before playing.

First menu in Asteroids 3D

Here you’ll have the greeting from the Gamecenter, if you have a Gamecenter active. Gamecenter is a game social network by Apple to share your best statistics, leaderboards and achievements with your friends and people from the world. You can deactivate it inside the configuration menu if you wish (see below in the configuration menu).

To go to the main menu please select “Insert coin”. If you’re playing with a pad just press the “A” button. Don’t worry, no cash needed at this moment.

Meteoroids 3D main menu.

This is the main menu of Meteoroids 3D. You can just press the Start button and have your first match. You can also see the help with the pad configuration, exit the game, and the icon above to the right gives you the opportunity of purchasing new levels and the possibility of playing games with until 15 minutes per game. But don’t worry, that’s up to you, the game is fully operational at this moment.

There are two initial scenarios or arenas, more coming soon. Settings will allow you to configure the game (see below), and games won will inform you the levels you have won, from the initial “Alpha” level to the last “Omega” level. And yes, the levels are in the Greek alphabet.

The Settings/Config menu allows you to customize the game.

  • Time Stage: the time for every level. Minimum 3. Maximum 5. If you purchase the game it will increase to 15.
  • Initial Stage: the first stage is called “Alpha”. You can play until “Gamma”. If you purchase the game the last level will be “Omega” plus an infinite level called “Athena”.
  • Stick sensitivity: how much the ship moves when you move the left stick (virtual or the Xbox/PS4 stick).
  • Real Physics Starship: if activated, the ship will move with almost no friction like in real space.
  • Enemies: when off there won’t be any enemies. Just rocks!
  • Music: activate or deactivate music.
  • Clean statistics: will erase internal statistics, beware Gamecenter won’t be erased.
  • Radar 2D/3D: normally you will play with 3D radar to see where the rocks and enemies are. But you can activate a classic 2D radar. 3D views will activate 2D radars always.
  • All weapons: beware you won’t be able to touch this feature at the beginning. If activated, you’ll be able to play with all the weapons from level Alpha. If not, new weapons will be added when you win every new level. Remember energy weapons are very powerful but drain a lot of energy. You can get new energy by destroying rocks.
  • Invert Y axis. If you are more comfortable changing axis when moving the starship.
  • Exit: return to main menu. Saving is automatic.

This is the Gamecenter main menu. Here you can see your achievements and maximum scores against those won by your friends.

Every time you finish a level you can see what you have achieved. Remember: all the scores and records are only saved if you finish every stage alive.

Finally, you can see here all the stages and levels of the game. Every time you win a new stage a green box appears. If you fail to win that level you will get a red square. Ready to turn this window into a green box?

This is the main camera in first view. You can choose a third view if you want. Every time you shoot to a meteor a countdown will initiate. You have 20 seconds to destroy as many meteors as you can.

You can also fire missiles to any enemy or rock, but be sure to have enough for the toughest enemies.

Very important: if you connect an Xbox or PS4 pad you’ll play with the pad and the virtual controls will disappear from the screen. We think this is the best way of playing.

For more info and for any question you might have you can contact us using this link.

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